Embrace the craziness

Alright moms and dads, who is excited to force their kids into fancy clothes they can’t get dirty? How about making those littles sit still and smile for a stranger on command?

I’m a mom of 4 and I get it. We want our kids to be polite and listen well, and we want their sweet personality captured on camera so we can hang that adorable smiley picture on the wall. But often we end up with moments more like this:


I’ll be honest, I felt myself getting frustrated and was getting sweaty while working hard to keep these two on task! I was running low on time and I had to make sure to get perfect photos of the setup for my Christmas promo. If there had been others watching, I may have felt nervous, wondering if people were judging me for my wild children that wanted to do anything but what I asked them to do.

But then I remembered we all feel like this at times, and if I’m trying to remember my kids through the photographs I take, then I need to be ok with those moments too. As much as I love their cute smiles and how sweet they look when they cuddle, the craziness is just as much a part of life with them.


So I say embrace the craziness, enjoy this wild time, and try to smile through the cringing. #momsolidarity

I am currently booking my Christmas minis at my new location in the mall. There are two options and setups to choose from for two totally different looks. For more info and to book: www.emeraldcoastphotographyoregon.com/booking/christmas2018